David Hockney is an English artist; he was an important contributor to the Pop Art movement of the 60’s. He is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

David Hockney was born in Bradford on July 9th 1937. When he got older, he went attended the Bradford College of Art and Royal College of Art in London. While he was still a student in London, he was featured in the exhibition that announced the arrival of British Pop Art. Since then he has been associated with the Pop Art movement.

Along with doing Pop Art, Hockney also painted portraits of friends, prints, and stage designs for several large theatres. His earlier works also showed expressionist elements.

Hockney also has a sister, who is an artist as well. She does still-life photos.

Some of Hockney's Work/Examples of his different styles:

One of his earlier paintings, from the eary 60's.
This is one of his Composite Photographs.
This is one of his Photographic Collages.
One of his paintings from the late 60's.

My Hockney-inspired collages:

I made this photo by going onto a "Hockneyizer" program and uploading a photograph I took. I then picked the way I wanted the final result to look like, and then it was done.