This is the original photo.
This is the abstract version of the original photo, made using photoshop.


To create this image, I took a photograph of leaves and edited it in photoshop.

In photoshop, I used neon glow & poster edges. I also cropped it a bit so it would show more of the leaves instead of the grass on the sides of the photo.

'Neon glow' made the photo that strange shade of blue.
'Poster edges' made the photo look "fuzzier" and slightly out of focus.
I chose to only do two effects to the photo because, even though I'm going for that abstract look, I didn't want it to be so abstract you couldn't tell what it was originally a photograph of.

The "color scheme" of the original photo was yellow, orange, and green. So in the abstract photo I went for a color scheme that's not any of the original colors.