Venetian Masks were very popular for centuries in Venice, Italy. They were used so that people could hide their identity and they could act more freely with other people without their identity getting in the way. They can be full-face or half-face masks. In the 18th century wearing masks was severely restricted, to the point where you could only wear them three months of the year.

Types of Venetian masks:

Bauta - A mask that covers the whole face, but allows eating, drinking, and talking.

Columbine - A mask that covers half the face. Usually decorated with gold, silver, & feathers.

The Plague Doctor - A mask with a large beak. Used by doctors during the plague. Covers the full face & is usually white.

Moretta - Had to be held in place by the wearer biting a button on the inside of the mask. You could not talk while wearing this mask & it hasn't been widely worn since 1760.

Volto - A mainly white mask that is worn with a cloak. The shape of this mask allows the user to eat, drink, and talk comfortably.